I guess it's time to say goodbye

Over the past 4 years I have been involved with doing VEX Robotics, and all of these years I had a blast. As a Junior becoming a Senior, I was expecting to have my last and final chance at doing VEX. But, even though I was already building my next years robot and preparing for Tower Takeover season, I was hearing that there will be a new robotics program that is getting jump-started for my senior year. Despite wanting to do VEX for my last year, I wish to do something my senior year that will leave a mark. Leave a mark in which it will plant the seeds of future generations of success, but as an independent in VEX I cannot be able to do such actions. I know this is something very sudden, and I have been given a lot of time to think about it. But the pros simply outweigh the cons, and it’s time to retire. Even though 1814 is an organization ran just by two High School students, we really hope that we made contributions to VEX that is worthwhile. I know that I would have likely done exceptionally well this season, or as I hope I would, but I do not want to say no to such an awesome opportunity I was afforded for my last and final year in High School. This last year, I will be having a big course load. I will not just be leaving VEX for an opportunity to plant seeds into my school that would last for generations in this other program, but for the ability to get exemptions (since I am independent I cannot exempt any classes because it’s not part of my school) and have less of a workload so I can make sure that I make a very good mark on my grades. As an independant, I have never had the chance to actually enjoy my High School summer because I was always preparing for the next years game. VEX means a lot to me, and I learned a lot about VEX that will impact me my whole life. But at the same time I felt stressed and I never truly had a break because I was either building a robot or my mind would be constantly rushing with new and unique ways to improve my design. By joining this new robotics program (sadly it is not VEX, but it’s something that is still unique and catches my interests) that will be available at my school for my senior year, I will be able to work with 8 other students to compete as a team that will associated with my schools JROTC. I get to be able to make the first mark representing my school, when I have not represented my school one bit because of reasons that are unavoidable. For me, although I love VEX, the pros outweigh the cons when given such a choice for an opportunity during my senior year. I know this is sudden, and for me it is too, but I hope you all understand.

Thank you all for understanding, and I will still be active on the forum, TVA Discord, and the Unofficial VEX Discord Server.

  • Connor W.

I don’t really have much to say, but I will say that 1814 was always an iconic and influential team, and I will miss seeing your cool bots. Good luck in whatever it is that you’ll be doing now.


Three words… “Legends Never Die”. Thank you for making endless amounts of contributions to this community and always striving to make it better. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey.


Rough to see such an inspirational guy reach the finish line.


Thank you all so much, and I am very sorry for moving on.
Tommorow, if I have approval from my parents, I will be sharing my design that I was intending to compete with for the season and I would like to see what everyone would do with it. :slight_smile:





GL with your future endeavors.


Thanks Connor for your contributions to the robotics part with your cool construction, and for your posts and comments here on the forum.

Good luck with your new robots and the JROTC program!!


Congrats on your robotics contribution to date. The 1814 group and TVA have been fun to watch over the years. Good luck on your future endeavor!


@Connor oh, please, don’t make it so dramatic! :cry:

We all are still your friends and we all will still like you even if you do another robotics program!

Good luck, keep us posted on your JROTC progress, and don’t forget about your homework :wink: :wink:


Connor I’m glad your making a decision that pleases you (even if it means leaving this competition behind) but I’m glad I was able to meet you in person at worlds this last season and learn so many inspiring things from both you and you mentors.


It’s sad to see u go. Good luck with JROTC!



The REC Foundation has a program with JROTC for JROTC schools to start VEX Robotics teams. Please PM me with your school information and I will make the connections.

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We will miss you, you legend! o7

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Isnt jrotc program just vex? (Ive look up online) if not, what is it?

No, see the relevant Wikipedia entry for details.

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Thank you very much, Ill bring it up to the coach! I will talk to him about checking the program out but I cannot garuntee anything because their program may be going to be sponsored to specifically do it. But as they did tell me they are unsure if they are getting the sponsorship literally a day after I left VRC so Im unsure as to what my path is right now. Theres a chance that I may get yoinked back into VEX if no funding gets approved for them and my parents want to make sure I am doing an elective/activity.
All of my decisions made were from my perspective and everything I was told was final, then I get told 1-2 days after that their funding/grants are uncertain.


I think you have learned much through VEX about uncertainty and how to work through complex problems. Think of this as another challenge to solve. A lot people believe you can do it.



We have dedicated grant money for JROTC VEX Teams and sponsor money to start VEX teams in Texas. I’ll have one of my staff reach out to you.