I guess it's time to say goodbye

Does this apply to existing school based teams who have JROTC programs?

I want to post a little update in regards to this thread. I am completely embarrassed by the fact that I fell for another false promise, and the fact that it would reflect to me. And the fact that I have to apologize for taking everyone’s time away on something that I said but didn’t happen, losing everyone’s trust for me. This has happened before when I was promised funding if I would start a VEX robotics program sophomore year, and as soon as I created the club I was immediately denied the funding and that I had to figure out the funding myself, and yet I was supposed to represent the very school that wouldn’t support me. So I became independent. After, hearing about a new robotics program that was intriguing show up, I set my path to start joining their program. And immediately after I worked towards being supportive for the new program I was told it was uncertain and then after I was told that it was not going to happen. I am tired of uncertainty, and, with my utmost apologies, I hope you all would forgive me as I will be joining and helping a very heartwarming team as 3674R because my family shifted their funding making me no longer afford competing as 1814.


At least this means you’re still doing vex.


to be honest Connor, I am ok with this. it will be great to see you at worlds if we both make it again this year.


No need to apologize, I think everyone’ just glad you’re still in VEX


glad you’re still doing vex though, will be interesting to see what you come up with this season


It’s so unfortunate that someone who has become so integral to the VEX community has had to face so many hardships to do what he wants. After all of the workarounds you had to find to just be a part of VEX, there’s no need to apologize to us. :wink:

PS I hope you do well with your new team :slight_smile:


Man that situation sucks for real.

Glad you still get to compete. The team you’re working with are all a cool group of people I’ve seen over the years.


That makes me think of what happened in our school. The school board fired our robotics teacher and shut down the program, along with the tsa. Fortunately our principal restarted it and got a science teacher to lead it.


Bro this made me cry

The guy who started the thread or mine?
If mine then thanks
If the guy who started the thread then I agree

Connor bout made me cry

Alright, I have been doing VEX for 5 seasons. That is quite a long time, and, in fact, I was actually planning on not doing VEX for Tower Takeover season, until I was interrupted by my unsupportive school yet provided the ability to join a team who was heartwarming and generous to let me take part as a member of 3674R. It’s been a long journey. I was involved as 1815D from 8th grade to 9th grade (Nothing but net and StarStruck). The first year of High School is when I qualified for the world championship. After, due to funding and personal issues, we were no longer able to be a part of 1815, so I became 1814D as tribute to relate myself as a foreign member of the school that raised me. I competed independantly as 1814D for two years, made it to the world championship twice, until we were no longer able to afford VEX from all of the debt. And then, for this year I joined 3674R. We were one match from qualifying from worlds, but we tipped. It was the first time we tipped this season. Although I could continue as 3674 will likely move on with their journey in hopefully qualifying via another signature event, where these events only provide one world-qualifying spot, I want to put my career to an end to do what I love.

I don’t want to sound egotistical, but what I know is I made as much of a difference I can to VEX to the fullest of my extent. I made tutorials to help teams, explanation videos on how I built robots, provided build quality tips and tricks, have a VEXForum account with 32 solutions, 30.1k posts read, 3.8k likes recieved, and 2.4k topics viewed. I sure hope I was able to make the difference to appreciate the forum. I was planning on doing this on my cakeday, but I needed to give time before making the decision of leaving the team. I love you all, but most importantly I want to thank you @holbrook, @DRow, @jpearman, and @lacsap for being there for me, and having to deal with much of my drama :sweat_smile:

Will I continue being on this forum?
Heck yes, I will continue to stay on the forum until I want to leave. So don’t worry, I’ll still be there posting memes, annoying @DRow with a second ping, providing coding and build quality assistance, and providing controversial opinions in topics :wink:

What am I working on now?
Alright, don’t cringe, but I’m working on a ROBLOX game to hopefully gain some money for college (From their exchange program). The game is called “The Paradigm” and I am hoping to get ALPHA release soon (approximately within 1-2 months) to get things rolling. At this point and time, the game has been in over 6-8 months of development by now, so I will guarantee a very well built and solid game, but as always things can be buggy (especially since we know ROBLOX can be buggy at times). To provide evidence on development, I have a separate channel that I upload latest videos on what I am developing. Upon release, I will not be asking much but for you to at least play the game once, and see if you like it. I have been putting a lot of effort into the game, that I cannot fathom how appreciated I will be if you can join me after release.

If you are unsure about the story line of the game, here

It was the time I reached 17 years old in the land of Paradigm, where the speculation of the world ending arose when the computers’ clocks ticked to the year 2000. After the year 2000 hit, speculation wore off… Until our president was seen dead in his office. We were dreaded, fearful of the future, and we finally understood we need someone to look up to. The vice president was sworn in, and knowing that we need a leader, we gave him our utmost power. The new president became our ruler, guiding our lives day in and day out now. We relied on him for our health, and he ensured that everyone had weapons to guard ourselves in this time of terror. He was a great leader, or so we thought.
Our new leader gave many of us vaccinations to “prepare us for the worst,” with no explanation about what it is and what it does. Within our city of Mantalin, those who were not vaccinated, roughly 3,200 individuals, protested to know what was inside the given “preparation vaccination.” And the government retaliated with a massacre as their military shouted “No mercy, kill them all.” Only 200 individuals survived, with me being one of them. The entire country of Paradigm became suspicious of our dictatorship, and then our “king” was killed by an unknown entity along with the government besides it. Six months passed, and all who have been vaccinated disappeared with no trace. We do not know where they went, but their belongings and items still exist where they were. In our dire state we exist in, our leader died, and our government crumpled within a week of the disappearance of the population. With no law, no authority, I had to join a faction of people I knew. Of people I know who I want the new government and lifestyles the new Paradigm to be.
I joined a faction, and I am ready to risk my life for my people and for the future of my tribe. We speculate other factions exist as well, so we need to take them over to show that the faction I am in should uphold the future of Paradigm. Everyone has their own beliefs of how a government should be, but only one faction can become a country.


Could you give me your discord

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DM me for it, as sending personal information publicly is against forum rules.

What if the name was inspired by a VEX team :eyes:


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