I have a bunch of used vex parts I want to sell

Hey, I have a bunch of vex est parts I want to sell. Mods, tell me if this type of post isn’t allowed.

Here’s my list

29 motors, 3 of which are small

8 push


1 shaft encoder

6 buttons

1 ultra sonic sensor

2 motor specs

3 rc revievers

2 controllers

2 arm cortex

1 system cortex

I’m asking 850, but willing to negotiate:)

You’ll probably do better on eBay than here. Most on the forum are competition teams using V5, while on eBay, you might find an educational buyer.


@Vex18 well…i am looking for a cortex controller since the only controller ive found that might support the cortex is the FM radio controller which idk how to use with the cortex
so depending on the price i might take the controller off your hands

By any chance, do you have any motor clutches?

why do you want them i have alot…

Would you be willing to sell them individually? Example would be if I want the shaft encoder but nothing else interests me

Sure thing, I’ll do whatever is best for you guys

So how much would you price that encoder?

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How about 8 bucks?ill cover shipping

what kind of controller is it
if its the cortex controller hat looks similar to the v5
then we could work out a price