I have a question about Rules again

i was wondering if i can turn the mobile basses up side down is i want to move them around

Please demonstrate evidence you have attempted to research your question before asking others for their time.


Is it banned in the rule book?


All questions asking “is this legal/illegal” can be answered by simply reading the game manual. If not, consult the VEX Forums and look at previously posted threads. If you have exhausted all other options, make a forum thread (cite all applicable rules so that we know an attempt was made to answer your question), and/or ask your mentor to post a question on the Q&A (please do not waste the GDC’s time; make sure to follow all Q&A guidelines).

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I’m gonna keep it real with you chief, the game manual is not an easy/simple read, and a lot of stuff can be easily skipped or misunderstood if you’re not paying attention (ie being allowed to hold multiple goals despite it saying that you can’t hoard more than 1 goal at a time). It’s especially scary basing your entire bot around a strategy that feels illegal (ie using a kickstand so you can start halfway out of the starting zone, descoring alliance goals, or tipping your opponent’s platform before the 30 second mark) when all it takes is one rule that you skipped by accident to mess it all up.

At the end of the day, having a few more threads in the forum isn’t the end of the world. I very much agree with the point about searching through older posts though, and not making QnA’s unless you’re sure it’s not in the manual.

(And yes it is legal to flip goals upside down, as long as you aren’t descoring rings off of the opponent’s Alliance Goals)


While true that the manual may not be easy to read, and some rules have complexity to them, the OP (and other posts like this) shows no indication that they’ve even attempted to read the manual. Getting information from “primary sources” is a valuable skill.

If the OP said, “I read Section X.Y.Z of the manual, but I don’t understand if that would…” at least indicates that the OP did some work before asking others to do work.

And it’s somehow less scary basing a bot around a strategy someone on the Internet (at best a secondary source) claims is legal?

What’s wrong with messing up? One learns more from failure than from success.


Time to accidentally give incorrect advice :slight_smile: