I have a VEX V5 problem I can’t fix

I’m having a problem with my program there is a problem with it but whatever I try it won’t fix it

It dosnt matter where I put the bracket it will either keep that problem or make more

What is the else statement on line 60 doing there, that might be it, and try putting the bracket at the end of line 43.

Check if you have a bracket all the way at the end of that function.

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I do that’s the thing and why I’m confused

The else statement is making sure the moter/catapult won’t do something we regret and have better control, as for the bracket I have tried that and it will just move the problem to that bracket

Can you send us your code after three ``` so we can better diagnose the issue.

Also send the actual error, it should be in the panel at the bottom of the screen. It’s hard to fix the problem without knowing the problem.

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I see that in your picture the method void usercontrol(void) is misspelled as void usercontroll(void). Could that be causing the problem?

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It says “function definition in not allowed here” but getting rid of it would cause more problems

I have re spelled it to be spelt correctly “void usercontroll(void) but it didn’t fix anything

Control has 1 ‘L’ so it would be void userControl(void);

(above is the correct case as well)

Ok, thanks for telling me