I have lots of Vex products to sell. Please let me where and which website can i sell them

I have lots of Vex products. my son going to college and we no longer use them. i want to sell them where can i sell and which website i can sell all the products for VEX EDR.


you can sell them on Ebay.

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Or craigslists…

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You could just reach out here as well!

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What are the products and how much they cost is a good start for the forum. Then people interested will private message you. NOTE: DO NOT PUT PERSONAL INFO (phone, email, etc) on a public thread, only on a private message with an interested user. Hope this helps!


we bought in june, Its in box and brand new. i no longer use and want to sell it. Please DM me if interested.

please put this in Vex Edr general discussion. V5 isn’t from vex Iq

VEX EDR V5 Smart Motors $32 each - 4 available

Are you selling. Also, the vex ones are 35$

I edited one post from the OP removing contact information. Please share that information through DM’s instead.


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