I have some questions about the college rules

How many presets does the college group have in the automatic skills competition?Is each robot pre-installed or is there only one pre-installed like the high school group?

I don’t fully understand your question. What do you mean by preset? Skills in VexU is similar to high school, with the exception of this year two robots participate in skills. I think robots can be placed on either side wall this year, but specifics on this need answered by RECF on the Q&A.

I assume you’re asking whether VEX U teams in Programming Skills have a preload cube for only one robot, or one preload cube for each robot.

Based on the VEX U appendix to the game manual (Appendix E), VEX U teams, like VRC teams, are allowed one preload cube for each robot, which would be two in total.

As stated in SG1 (in the regular Game Manual), each preload has to be contacting exactly one robot (and each robot has to be contacting one preload), and the preload must be fully within the field perimeter.

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There is also a Q&A question about this rule, because several people (even some experienced coaches) still see some uncertainty in the rules:



Thank you.
That’s the question I asked.


I’m glad the we were able to help. For reference, it usually is a good idea to use the definitions and terms from the rule book for questions. It helps everyone and questions get answered quicker.

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