I Just Realized something....

I’m new to the vex forums and to vex in general. But I’ve realized in the short time that I have been involved with vex, that the vex community is not very large. It is, but it isn’t. It’s a huge community. Hundreds of schools participate in FIRST competitions and thousands of people are interested in vex.

But when it comes to the online community, it just doesn’t seem that big. Maybe it’s just me.


There are acctually thousands of people registered on Vex forums, many just sign up and forget.

yeah like my brother :smiley:

Or there are the people like me who are so obbseesed with there vex they rarily get a chance to check the forum, i check it maybe, once or twice a month

yah I think I am the only person on my team that goes here.

I would like to have you all encourage your teamates and freinds to join the VEX forum. The more people the more ideas and images of robots we get to look at :).

There are only 3 people from our team on here and only 2 that are active. I wish more people from our team would get on but one is tied up in FRC and the rest well I dont know.

unless anyone else on my team has recently gotten a VEX kit of their own, i am the only person who will be on the forum from 1807.