I lost elims to a connection tower, but not how you would think.

Now this is 99.5%
I want to meet whoever wanted to put the tower in the presence of posts.


This is a 6 hour video. What time stamp?

Still goes to the start.

Youtube is nice, just use the number i added i guess

About 5:40:04

I am more interested to know what’s the ruling for 5:40:55 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well judging from how I said I lost elims from the tip. It was not a dq, since I am the one on 929S.
The refs said that since 929U was only intending to push, not tip, it was not a dq, and it’s not like they could have reacted to the tower and stopped in time. I do think it’s a fair ruling personally, but I didn’t make this thread for debate. I just thought it was a funny moment.

(relevant rule re: unintentional tipping & how it’s ref discretion:)

I would contend that 929U was really treading close to the the 5 second trapping rule later in the match, but that may just be the video angle.

LOL wow, I’ve never seen that before!

This seems like one of those instances where a replay would be perfect. 929U clearly had no intent to tip, but 929S wasn’t doing anything that would put them at an unusual risk for tipping. Sure they had their lift up, but they were a pretty bottom-heavy robot.

Am I missing something?

Naah. I am not gonna debate about it as well.
I know decisions like these can go both ways… nothing to debate about.
Was asking just to satisfy my curiosity :stuck_out_tongue: