I`m wondering the meaning of some codes please help me!

There`are three great questions :

  1. Whats the meaning of "velocityUnits::pct"? 2.Whats the meaning of “rotationUnits::deg”?
    3.How can we realize that controlling the robot with a controller without the USB ?
    Please help me QAQ I`m in a great hurry

pct, percentage, 100% is full speed, 50% is half speed.

deg, degree, one rotation is 360 degree.

are you using v5 or cortex. Please give more information of your robot before you ask. Since you mentioned USB, I assume you use cortex. You should have two VEXnet Key to connect. https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-3245.html

thanks a lot!!
I`ve got it

Are you using Vex coding studio, or Vexcode?

i htink hes using vexcode

Vexcode and Vex coding studio, have merely identical syntax. it’s just that Vexcode is better because of the system which it is based on.

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vexcode has a better ui imo

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Vexcode is has a very similar interface to Pros. Almost identical, except for the fact that it doesn’t contain atom.

Oh, I`m using VEX coding studio

You should be able to copy your code from vex coding studio into Vexcode, with it still working. Since the syntax is identical.

and you can import VCS projects into VEXcode. I know we did it during the beta period - a very useful function.

Oh no its so different

What’s the difference in syntax. During the beta period of Vexcode when I was still ambilvent about using pros. I completed a few tutorials, and went through some of the examples, which were offered. The syntax was identical.

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