I made a spreadsheet of survey data I collected from a recent competition.

Time for my first post, I guess?

This is my first year doing VEX and while at the Coral Park VRC competition, I was pretty surprised by the variety of robot designs and capabilities, and I wondered how many robots could score high flags, descore caps from posts, etc.

As a result, I made a spreadsheet compliling the various abilities of each team’s robot to get some sort of idea of what the local “meta” strategy might be. I surveyed each of the 45 teams at the competition, asking them what their robot could do and accidentally fooling a few teams into thinking I was a Design Award judge in the process.

The spreadsheet can be found here.

For clarification: (since my team’s lingo might be different from yours)

“Low flags” means having the ability to be able to change the color of the bottom-most flags.

“High flags” means having a robot that can shoot balls at either or both of the top two flags to change their color.

“Platforms” means being able to park on Alliance Parking, and in almost every case, Center Parking.

“Tilt-only caps” is a bit of a weird one. During the surveys, enough teams told me that they could only change the color of the caps that are balanced on top of a ball, (thus, the “tilt”) such as the ones seen at the beginning of each match that I decided to make it its own category. However, due to the weirdness of the category, I decided to make it mutually exclusive from the “Ground caps” category.

“Ground caps” is having the ability to change the color of any cap touching the ground.

“Low posts” is the ability to place any cap on any one of the 24 inch tall posts.

“High posts” is the ability to place any cap on either of the 38 inch tall posts.

“Descore” is the ability to remove any cap from any post.

And finally, “Ideal Autonomous Points” is how many points each team said that they could get during the 15 second autonomous period given that they were on the best possible starting tile and that their alliancemate’s autonomous does not score any points that they would otherwise score.

This is my first time doing anything like this, please let me know if I should add or change any new categories for the next survey, and thank you for reading through this!

P.S. Be aware that the data of this competition does not necessarily reflect or represent the data one would find at any other competition.


Very interesting data, thanks!

Interesting, thanks!

Excellent spreadsheet! Congratulations on collecting this info about all 45 teams.

Awesome data. It helped us in shooting for our skills score and designing a new robot based on what other people did.

hmm interesting
thank you for your hard work for collecting all of these data!