I missed seeing Karthik

There was a tournament in Indiana that Karthik came to, and I didn’t get to meet him. That was one of my only chances I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway, the church I go to (Horizon [Team 317A]) won that tournament! Great job guys!

Jesse you won’t be going to worlds?

Did you go to this tournament?

I don’t think that he was eligible to compete. I believe that it was only open to schools in the area who had received a grant to start up new teams. It looks awesome though, seeing new teams in Indiana being started up!

It is nice. Then we get to have more competitions across the state! Also a larger variety of venues for those competitions!

Yeah, regarding the new teams, there has been a lot of growth lately. Microchip started something like 30 teams in arizona with grants that have all been competing this year, and though most are short on funds as they grow they are getting better. It’s basically doubled the size of Vex in Arizona, pretty neat.

Grant team here from Vermont! Is going to worlds :smiley:

That grant was super helpful… however I wish they would ditch the clawbot kit and give you 35 length metal to work with…

I was aware of that, but I was thinking about swinging on down to see the festivities. Figured maybe that’s what Jesse did.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see more teams in the Indiana region!

I could not swing by there. I was busy with school. I wish I could have gone though :frowning:

No. We will NOT be attending Worlds. Only Nationals.

That’s to bad, it looks like you guys would have done very well there. Do you have some kind of funding issue as a team independent from a school preventing you from attending?

We are a homeschooled team, so we don’t have a school or organization to sponsor us. We get our friends and family to sponsor us. We barely have enough money to go to Nationals.

I want to go to Worlds someday :wink:

You can get sponsors you know even being homeschooled…

Definitely look for sponsors. This year, my VEX team has to arrange transport to VEX worlds independently from the school because we will be getting funding for FRC worlds and since the two are one weekend after the other, only FRC worlds is an oficial school field trip. So, to make it easier, I am looking for an airline to sponsor our team by providing either reduced price or (hopefully) free tickets to for the trip to California in exchange for their logo on our 'bot, and other benefits which are included as part of our sponsor benefit package. As an independent team, building this business side to your team will be EXTREMELY beneficial.

We understand. I have been searching for a long time for Business sponsors. We have 1 (maybe on more coming). Hopefully with a good season, we can get more people to sponsors us ? :slight_smile:

Any good business sponsors to ask?

We aren’t funded by our school either. We’ve attended World 2 times, 3rd will be this year, and we just have like pasta dinners and just reach out in our community.

Most teams don’t get support from their school nor get much from sponsors (which you can always go looking for, schools don’t have a magic list of people who want to give you money). There’s a thing called fundraising that just about every team has to do in order to attend worlds, hopefully you guys change your minds and attend worlds cause you guys really are a great team!

Ask local engineering companies, or literally just anyone in your community. Get the knowledge out their that your homeschool team has the chance to go to California to compete with other teams from around the world. You can also put together a small video with tons of examples of your robots.

My team has gotten donations from crazy places like Pizza shops, just get the word out, people who want to will come and learn more about your club

To give you an idea, some of our primary sponsors are Lockheed Martin, Micron, BAE Systems, and Booz Allen Hamilton. As fast as airlines go, we’re currently working on either United, or American. Though, you don’t need big businesses to do well, our machining sponsor for FRC is a local company.

Businesses, local engineering firms, college outreach programs, and people all around your community would be happy to help you get funding to go to worlds.

One thing we did to fund our trip to Worlds last year was to take our robot and demonstrate at local events (with permission, of course), like area business exhibitions and science fairs and such. We told people that we were going to the World Championship to compete with teams from all around the world, and they were glad to donate to help us go. We also brought another simple VEX robot with us, and we let people (mostly kids) drive it for a donation.