I need a replacement for Flex wheel intake

The flexwheels that we ordered were supposed to be here by now but for some reason they have not. We haven’t even started to built our robot and can’t test it since some major parts are have not arrived yet plus competitions are very close. So for a 3 layer intake that used 3 flexwheels per layer and the wheel size is 2in. So is there any wheel alternative for us to use as testing our robot?

Perfectly good flywheels were being built in VEX long before flex wheels became legal. Experiment with what wheels you have…and with the supply chain being so screwed up right now, don’t do any designs using parts you don’t already have!


I’ve seen a few teams have some success using rubber band rollers, which were pretty standard before flex wheels were vrc legal. Probably worth giving them a try


The thing is that I am asking for the intake not flywheel but otherwise your advise makes sense.


We did some reasearch on the rubber band intakes and all the other intakes found flexwheels the best. But also rubber band intake we found it to be quite innacurate for picking up.

looks like it can work alright to me

you can also try using different types of normal wheels, or tank tread with flaps. you have lots of options, but it will come down to testing each one if you want to find the best.


Thanks for the ideas. Will look into it

most of my sister teams are doing rubber band intial intake into chain and flap like uhhhhh, I think the name is over heat on YouTube? correct me if I’m wrong please, but they do flex wheels into chain and flap, and instead of flex wheels do rubber band roller

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Is it this video? 64811A OverHeat | VEX Spin Up Robot Leak #shorts - YouTube
If it is, this video has given us many ideas its a pretty good design.

precisely that video.


There have been several succesful robots that don’t use flex wheels. I would suggest you take a look at this video.


This robot uses omni wheels with some rubber bands to intake and uses a rubber band roller as a secondary stage. It worked well enough and did what it needed to.


Vex has had small intake rollers for a very long time. Only 1.5", but a possible substitute.

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our team tried many different ways of using the intake rollers and couldn’t get them to perform very well as a disc intake

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Interesting. I can see they might be poor as the first contact, but could possibly work at the middle or upper end of an intake. Or maybe they just don’t do anything useful for the Xth game in a row.