I need a rule clarification to <R13>


Our team needs a rule clarification on the rule R13:
R13 - Modifications of parts. Parts may NOT be modified. Examples of modifications include, but are
not limited to, bending, cutting, sanding, gluing, or melting.
a. Cutting metal VEX IQ or VEX V5 shafts to custom lengths is permitted. This is the only legal exception to this rule.

Does this include cutting metal motor shafts and capped shafts to the correct lenghts or is this solely for the standard shafts?

To ensure I understand your question, I believe you are asking…

“I know we can cut standard metal shafts to length, but can we also cut metal capped shafts to length?”

Is that right? I would presume you can, but for something like this would definitely submit a formal question to the official Q&A.


That is indeed the question that I am asking. I will also ask in the offficial q&a whether this is true and reply with the answer.

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Be sure to cite the rule you are asking about in your Q&A inquiry.


The rule you quoted states “metal VEX IQ or VEX V5 shafts.” The capped shafts and the motor shafts are made of metal, so they would be included in that exception.

Do keep in mind that those specialty shafts are made in a variety of lengths to meet most use cases. From a pragmatic standpoint, I suggest you make sure you need to cut those shafts in order for your design to work. Those shafts are more expensive than the bulk drive shafts that are commonly cut.