I need code to make my drivetrain with 4 motors faster in driving

I need help to make my motors faster and without a gear ratio

MOTORNAME.setVelocity(100, percent);

You can only go to 100%. If 100% isn’t fast enough, then you need a gear ratio. Post your code so far if you can.


Yeah, you can’t just force the wheels to go faster. Maybe if you need you can change the motor cartridge, although that has its own ups and downs. Why are you opposed to gear ratios? They’re really your only option here if you’re going for more speed.

Motors aren’t going fast enough at their max speed? Ah yes, tell it to go faster

you need a gear ratio or less friction. if you’re on a limited time schedule do just a gear ratio, if you aren’t do both. There’s some good teams for build quality stuff if you do wanna learn

Edit: forgot carts existed, if you’re using a red one switch to green if you’re using a green just do a gear ratio

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You aren’t actually telling the motors of the drivetrain to move here, only telling them that when they do move, they should do it at 100%.


thank you for that it really helped