I need help again

ok i cant find anyway to build a forklift and i need some help with ideas?

What do you mean by fork lift? This may mean a linear lift, if so how many tiers?

Here’s someone who asked a very similar question a few years ago

You also will find lots of information if you search “elevator lift” on the forum.

The prong/tines of the forks on the forklift need some sort of means of attachment to the lifter and a way to hold the cube.

  1. Cut a 2x2 L piece of steel/aluminum into a the right length across your forklift. Attach to the backside up/down pieces you make for the lift (varies by lift type)

  2. Decide upon material and shape the tines of the fork and attach the tines to the 2x2 right angle L piece. Your protruding tine can be at the upper cross member of a cube versus on the floor. The backside is there for support of the lower element so it won’t tip.


  • metal 1x pieces (may need to layer them together for strength)
  • polycarb in custom shapes (rectangle, trapezoid, etc) (this may need some metal support sandwiched)
  • flat sheet metal cut into shape of choice (again, may need to layer them)
  • standoffs
  • band saw a 1x2x1 c-channel in half or cut off some 2x2 L to make a small L
  • half a claw when ripped apart (you will not generally be able to get the claw back together so this is typically a one way trip)
  1. The end of the forklift tine may or may not need to have a lip to hold the cubes while carrying them. This poses a nice challenge when trying to remove the cube on the post.

Cube holders by option:

  • bend the metal of the 1x piece upward or over upon itself in a triangle shape
  • a longer bolt and nut may hold it if extra length of the bolt is just right.
  • heat and bend the polycarb with a lip on the end
  • cut a funky shape to the polycarb
  • bend the flat metal at the end
  • attach some little piece to the end of the standoff
  • cut a notch in the c-channel or L and bend it upward a touch
  • put some black grippy material or rubber bands on the end to stop slippage
  • zip ties might stop the cube from falling off too