I need help decrypting something

So I have I key and and the encrypted text but I don’t know how get the the decrypted text I think it is 64 bit but I don’t know.

I have this clue: Plain + Key. vfgslfb3. I also have this: 904nfimginrdgij49jgird . I got this from this link: https://www.reddit.com/user/PeacefulWars/comments/i0a0o9/rogue_sword_villager/ and this is for a Hypixel skyblock forms thing. PS the title might have something to do with a villager called Jamie and is at the cords -17 70 -67

So like anyone know cryptology?

This is not a hypixel skyblock forum. Perhaps you would have better luck on the skyblock subreddit


yes but you guys are the people who would know how to decrypt stuff and that is what I need help

Vex doesnt really focus on cryptography.


true. but you are smart people who just know things so I thought hey they might know how to do this.

Eh… uh… sure…


I mean he’s managed to get this in front of a Google engineer so his logic of “lets take this to the robotics nerds” seems to have worked.

plain probably means it’s plaintext. vfgslfb3 is likely the cipher and 904nfimginrdgij49jgird is likely the message. Idk, this is from a game or something? Is this part of MrBeasts 26 step thing? lol.

yes I got that but I have no idea how to turn that into a message

It’s this? (that link goes to a thread with really not appropriate messages sorry)

yes it is

Errrum, I hate to be a jerk but this really doesn’t belong here. That guy could have used any means to jumble the message, even invented a new cipher, etc.

It could be something basic and simple too, maybe go ask https://crypto.stackexchange.com/

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Ye I have a friend who’s quite good at this stuff, I’ll pass it on to him and get back to you