I need help for my robot and my vex score

So I went to my vex competition I scored in 20 place out of 39 that total hase my skill in it too ,do you have any tips to go in atleast nine or tenth place because I want to go to state or world’s many even both and lastly a flex claw broke and we fixed it but we have bad luck and are robot are broke it’s for flex that happens to are claw bot to this is for squared away

The purpose of the competition is to identify the best bots and if you can use it properly. Just keep working on perfecting your design and driving.

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Ok but are robot broke and this is the second time it did and we try to fixed it but guess what it makes it worse and we have to people how have been in vec

Then try to add something to support whatever is breaking. We can’t help you fix something just by knowing that something broke.

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The part that holds the claw if flex keeps braking of evry single time

If you could post a picture of the robot showing some of the issues, we might be able to give you some pointers.

How about tommorow at like 4:20

Three words: drive, drive, drive. Driving is the most important thing in IQ. Even if your robot is really simple, looks smaller, and underwhelming, you will still score high if well practiced and prepared for any scenarios you can think of that can happen in a match.

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