I need help! I don't know how to code but I need to learn. Does anyone think they can help

I don’t know how to code using the vex program (or any other program) but I really need to learn. I have tried to watch tutorials but they usually ended up being really confusing. I am looking for the basics. Thank you!!!

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What are you trying to to learn? There are examples that you can use to learn on vexcode.

Programming is a really really broad subject. I would argue that it’s the most complex aspect of competing in competitive robotics. I would start off small by using some of the sample code offered through vexcode and pros and then eventually work your way up from there.


Thank you! I’ll try looking.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean here, as previous people have said that this topic is broad. However, I program using the language c++, and suggest that you start learning from there. There are plenty of amazing websites to begin learning, I suggest the following:

codecademy has amazing step-by-step tutorials:

This is more reading about how c++ works, (still very useful!):

The vex library I use is the PROS library, and I also use the okapilibrary but that is optional
The PROS documentation (essentially how the PROS library functions):

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much! That is really helpful!


If you don’t mind spending a few dollars ($12 ish), then udemy has some great course where you will learn everyone you need to know about c++ plus some. You will even get a certification upon completion of the course. https://www.udemy.com/course/beginning-c-plus-plus-programming/

This is business level teaching, so depending on your grade, it might be a bit hard. But if you are in high school, you should have no trouble.

Programming takes time to learn. I don’t think it should be rushed. And I think if you are going to learn, you should learn right.

Also, there are some free udemy courses, but they won’t give as good of education.

Edit: And no, this is not a paid promotion. I just like udemy


First thing would be to first understand what code does and how logic works in c++. You could either get courses on udemy like others said or learn on youtube or forums or whatever. You need to general idea of c++. Once you get that, look into Vexcode PRO/ Vexcode Blocks, depending on what type of coding you want to do(text or block). Go on forums like these, look at the examples vex provides, and just ask questions overall. The most effective way to learn a new language in my opinion is to research.


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My suggestion… learn the fundamentals of coding a robot first, before diving into the complexity of a text-based language.