I need help learning to code please help me

I need help figuring out how to code for our robot this year. This is my first year and i would like a link to somewhere where I can learn to code vex C++



Please see existing threads.

For example:


thank you, I will try the websites hopefully it goes well!

thats just a link to YouTube i´m confused how that helps lol

I am having trouble learning to code vex V5 since it is so new. are there any websites out yet or any advice I could get? thank you!

You have already posted a thread for this and you have already received a response. Please do not make multiple threads for the same question.

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there wasn’t a good answer on the other one and i didn’t mention the v5 part

You were told to read the various other threads and were specifically linked to a post that linked to learncpp.com


how in the world do you know this stuff and respond so fast, but that-link wasnt VEX specific and it didnt really help.

Learn CPP using a general C++ tutorial. You do not need something vex specific.

Use the API reference to use the Vex API.

If you cant figure this out, give the programming job to another team member.

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ok, i will try them out but none of my others know the basics

If you’ve never coded anything before, you may want to look here at the VEXcode page: https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexcode-download

Download the software, either block (for simplest basic programming) or text. There are sample programs and “help” in the software to get you started.