I need help on my VEX essay for school

Hey yall,
I’m writing an essay on VEX robotics for school.
If you have time, can you reply with where your from, (state/country is fine) and your favorite VEX quote. I’ll cite you in my bibliography lol .

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I assume you’ve searched the “team quotes” and other similar threads. In fact, I’m pretty sure there was one with this exact request.

I don’t really have a favorite quote besides “If it ain’t broke, it’s only a matter of time,” (-Me) and that wouldn’t really fit what I envision your essay to be.

I do consider myself a solid writer, so if you need help revising or whatever, feel free to pm me. (But I’m sure there are actual educators who are certified to do so. I just “like” the practice.)

Edit: yes there is a very similar thread. Here it is:


-kids in vex robotics learn skills in STEM, problem-solving, implementing the design process, and teamwork
-prepares them for a future career with technology
-encourages schools to put more funds and support in STEM education by having a robotics team


-Vex has provided me with an outlet to build, test, and use the engineering process and math that I learned in my classes.

Corey Team 3389E Salisbury, MD

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“If you’re going to upgrade something, upgrade what you think doesn’t need it. If you don’t, it will come back and haunt you.” -me

Rory Walsh


Weird, the team number does not appear on as a team in the region… Typo>?
Or not yet registered for the season?

(just messing with you Rory!)

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Stop making fun of me Pascal. :sob:
Yes I just revealed your true identity.


Lacsap. But Backwards.


“Hope is not an engineering strategy”


“The hardest part of Vex is getting sponsors.”
With that in mind @lacsap, Joe told me I could piggy back off of you guys. True? Or just hopeful thinking on his part?

quotes, where your from?

Just main ideas you can base your paper on, I’m sure you can interview a robotics coach or read articles ab benefits of STEM education.

hmmm i see. one of the interesting things I wanted to cover was how widespread vex was. and that it’s not all about coding and hard stuff. You could have some fun in it to while learning.

Texas/USA “If a part falls off and the robot still works, then its a weight reduction.”


I remember the moment I found that out when I first joined the VEX Coaches Facebook group.


what never goes wrong in practise always goes wrong in a competition match.


@iskdyl would like to know

as well as your wisdom…
Of course, some have filled out their profile, so they can just click to find out. Some haven’t.


and some have it hidden, such as yours :slight_smile:

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Huh! Thanks, was unaware…
Aways showed when I clicked on it!

So I guess a quote from me…
“Never assume - always check - and again whenever anything is changed”


I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. On my first day in VEX Robotics, my coach told me that “a good robot can be made great with outstanding programming.”