I need help with drive system

I am unsure what drive system to use. I am looking for advice. please hook me up

What are the goals for your robot? What are your plans of style of robot (catapult, dumper, climbing specialist, helicopter, tardis, etc)?

From there you can see what kind of drive train helps accomplish those goals

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Check out this thread for lots of different drivetrain designs.

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In my opinion x-drives (holonomic omni-wheels) are the best type of drive system. First it has a lot of maneuverability. Second it is super fast if you have high speed motors with the 3.25 in wheels.

Tank drive is the way to go. It is reliable and fairly simple to make. It will get the job done.

I think there are various systems that should be chosen based on your design:

Dumper: I would go with X-Drive, 3.25 in. (Omni) Wheels on high speed motors. This is my current chassis and so far we have experienced no problems with the drive browning. I would pick this system because you need a great amount of maneuverability with the dumper because the robot will be so large due to the tray. The X-Drive will provide the necessary amount of maneuverability and speed, and at the same time is very reliable.

Catapult: With a catapult design, I would suggest a tank drive with 3.25 in. omni wheels with turbo motors. I would suggest this because the catapult design is not typically as large as the dumper design and will therefore need a slightly less amount of maneuverability which means you will probably not need the amount of maneuverability provided by the X-Drive. By using the tank drive, the slightly greater amount of power provided will allow you to use a slightly faster chassis without exchanging too much power for speed.

If you are not doing either the catapult or the dumper design, I suggest determining the drive system by the overall size of the robot, If the robot is large, use a holonomic drive such as the X-Drive. If the overall size of your robot is relatively small, use a tank drive.

curious, why all the recommendations for 3.25" omnis instead of 4"?

Hubs are stronger, rollers are smoother, look cooler imo, takes less space than a 4", is the skinniest double roller omni wheel, but can go faster than the 2.75" omni’s.

You should use Mecanum Wheels

I highly recommend against a mecanum drive. Their slower than an x-drive and provide less torque. I do recommend an H-drive, they’re easy to make and they’re pretty popular this year.

Is this a troll? Every time one of the drive threads show up someone recommends Mecanum and I want to know if they are trolling or not.

lol so true

Many people are recommending the 3.25 in omni with high speed, but honestly i think it it too fast. Like practically in this game each robot on the field is only working with a 6x6 square, so you dont need to be super fast to move around. 3.25 in omnis are great, no doubt about it, but i personally enjoy the 4 in with torque motors which give sufficient speed to be successful this season.

*12 x 6 rectangle more like.

Well, what is the disadvantage to having this extra speed? There is no use in having tons of extra torque if you cannot use it because you are not pushing anyone around because there is a large fence separating the alliances. An X - Drive, High speed, 3.25in. omni wheels can push stars under the fence which is the only use I can find for some sort of torque. . I have this exact drive and have never browned out.

These wheels take up a lot of space and this drive probably has way more torque then you will ever find a use for.

X drives are potentaly good for year,and they are actaly faster than tank drive. But because they are faster they are also weaker and at first comp my robots drive started to burnout on tank drive so we need more torque not speed.
I would suggest building a robot on tank drive and if you feel your robot has a need to be faster and be able to drive in multiple directions(only if you had a need to for blocking or somthing ) rhen build an x drive.
On a side note i dont think H drive is smart it seems like a waste of two motors.

I honestly support H-drives fully. I think that H-drives provide great maneuverability and allow for a quick drive with lots of torque. I feel that an X-drive wastes space in the front due to the way they are curved in the front.

The problem with H drives is that it uses 5 motors instead of 4 on the x drive.

I personally think the trade off is worth it, especially with all the intake space you can salvage. But it depends on the game and its scoring requirements.