I need help with the programming

So I am new to the VEXcode software and the v5 kit, when we download the program to the brain it doesn’t run our drive program and i was wondering if you guys know what the issue is. We have tried everything but whenever we try anything it still only runs whatever was set on the brain before i.e. we have 2 motors set to 1 button and it still separates them onto 2 completely different buttons. Thanks in advance.

are u selecting the program? if u just click drive ull get the thing described.

it shows up on the screen on our brain that the programming was downloaded but then it has different programming, do i have to have my controller plugged into the brain as i add the programming?

u gota video

sry i is confuslded

i am currently not at school but i have it tomorrow. I am just trying to figure this out because i have a deadline for when my bot has to be done.

You’re fine, i am very confuslded too lol

oh u changed ur logo i thought u were a diffrent person and was further confused i need a nap

yeah i just made an account because i really have no clue on what i am doing with the v5, i had to teach myself the VCS programming then they changed it to vex code.

if u have a vedeo tomoro me or others will be beter of at helping u

Okay thank you for at least trying to help.


Ok I am here and I’m looking and it seems to be the motor mapping

huh well glad i couldnt help :grinning: