I need ideas for a storage system!

I need ideas for a storage system to store discs in the robot! Our current design only holds 2 discs at a time

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Can you please send a picture of your current design? That would help me and others figure out what’s wrong.


Not about the storage, you will need to add an indexing area (Search on Youtube for ideas).

Please reinforce the Drivetrain with cross-bracing (a c channel that goes across the entire robot).
Also, 1x1 straps aren’t strong, especially in the way you are using them on the drivetrain.

Adding an indexer area is a place to store three discs, and you will need something to push/poke it out into the flywheel. An intake going almost straight up will be needed for this. Go look at the Marc Ri24hrs build on YouTube.

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I’ll provide a video of our current flywheel to give you an idea. You need to make an intake system that will drop the disks into some sort of basket, where a puncher like thing will ‘index’ the disc into the flywheel. Flywheel test - YouTube
(It’s not a very good example because it is an old design, but you should get the gist)

Hope this helps!