I need ideas

hello all! i really want to have a chance this year, ideas!!

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watch reveal vids, analyze reveal vids, spend time on auton, document in your notebook, get help from the forums when you need it, and most importantly, have fun!


This tray design by 1961Z is a good example of the Complex Tray design. If you want to see some other designs, I would recommend looking up Tower Takeover VEX Reveals on Youtube, as well as watching some competitions that were streamed, such as the Mark Leon Invitational or the East Oahu competition.


@zevwitech I recommend watching the East Oahu competition. The camera placement and angles were much better and more consistent than MLI because we got another camera and used light poles to mount the webcams.


Thanks for the suggestion! Will do!!

That is a pretty good design, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, I do really like the camera angles they are very helpful!

Really, as stated above, th best way to get ideas is to go read through and look at other robots. If watching videos and reading around on here isn’t enough, I’d try to see if there is an upcoming competition or scrimmage near you and go to spectate and/or talk to various teams about their designs and why they are like they are.

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Thank you for the suggestions! Our school hasn’t decided what state we are competing in (we live really close to two states) but otherwise scrimmages are a pretty good idea.

Also, if you haven’t already, try check out the Unofficial Vex Discord Server. While the discussion in the server is of somewhat dubious value due to the chatroom style of communication, it’ll give you access to people who are more than happy to give you a hand, talk designs / strategy, and even give you looks into their teams’ robots and ways of being.
For example, last year I swapped to front loading double catapult and was struggling with tuning the double shot and power. I was able to get it done before we flew out thanks to advice from the nice people in the Vex discord. When I got there I struggled with programming and again asked for help, and received that help.

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You could watch any of the Final videos from China

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Again, big thanks to everyone!

Definitely will check it out! Thanks!

That’s the first thing i did :joy: