I Need Mobile Goal Lift Help!

So on my robot, I’ve made the mistake of not leaving enough room for the mobile goal lift. My robot has a chain-bar that will lift the cones, swing around, and place the cone on the mobile goal; or it would if I could lift the mobile goal onto the rear of my robot. I have about 5-6 inches to work with. The robot top of the back of the robot (the point i need to get the MG to) is about 4.5 inches off the ground. This is a huge challenge and would really appreciate some help. I’ve looked at different types of lifts and it seems like its impossible to do it, but I know it is and if anybody knows how, it’s the forums. PLEASE HELP!

There not the best but linear slides are the most compact and you could make a mobile goal lift using them in the space you have. You could also have the intake for the mobile goals flip down if you don’t have enough space.

Also if you can send a photo showing the space you have it will help find ideas that could work

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having a hard time visualizing what your problem is. You might want to post some pictures of what you have.
It seems like everybody is going towards a 4 bar mobile goal lift. If you look at some recent reveals and matches, I imagine you’ll see some examples.

think he is doing something thats like your ALBA robot…
and he has about 5-6 inch (which is more than enough actually) to squeeze in the lifting mechanism for the mobile goal.

Yes I am doing something similar to the ALBA robot, with the chain-bar. And yes I only have about 5-6 inches of room to put my MG lift. How do I have more than enough room for a MG lift?

5 to 6 inches for the gears and metal parts or 5 to 6 inches left for your mobile goal intake?

If it is just for the gears etc… then I really think it is more than enough space.
3 inches per side… for the gears and whatever mechanism you are thinking of - that’s quite a luxury.

My robot base looks like this from the front:
with the wheels in between the upward parts. so the gap in between the 2 inside upward parts is where I need my MG lift to be, unless you have a better idea. So far I have nothing as far as the MG lift goes. I have a really-close-to-being-finished chain-bar that will use the mobile goal to stack on when it is lifted.

Not sure if this is what your looking for but: (motors are on the other side of the 60 tooth gear)

Another alternative that uses virtually no space at all is mounting the pneumatic pistons vertically and having them power the mobile goal lift.

Could you Give me a more accurate description of the lift?

Dude I’m not going to lie, but some research will help you. Look for other reveals and see what would work for your robot. If you have insufficient room, redo your chassis.

Our competition is tomorrow so… can’t redo my chassis, and I’ve been looking at reveals forever.

A number of people are using something like what AG256 posted. You can put the 4 bar in between the sides of your chassis and shouldn’t have to rebuild anything