I need parts clarification.

Hello vex community. We are going to a competition soon and we wanted to improve our robot. We wanted to buy a LCD display and an optical shaft sensor. Will we need and other wires and parts for attaching these items to our robot? I thank you advance for answering my question.

With the optical shaft sensor you shouldn’t need anymore cables except maybe three wire extensions if you don’t have any and with the LCD display you will need to buy a serial y-cable and maybe a pack of four wire extensions depending on how far away the display is from the Cortex.

@Enginerds Here is a link to the wires @Tylennis mentioned: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/accessories/electronics/extension-cables.html

Does it matter what kind of y cable?

Yes, each has a different purpose. The 3 wire Y cables are used to power 2 motors off of a single port on the cortex. The serial Y cable is used only for the LCD. Also, I suggest that you buy 3 wire extension cables regardless of the robot you plan on building, as they are a necessity when wiring your robot. 2 wire extensions are useful to connect motors in ports 1 and 10 to the cortex as these ports do not interface with the 3 wire extensions nor motor controllers, but you only need 1-2 of these.