I need SG9 help

So I misread the game manual and only just now saw the official clarification of SG9. First comp is Sat, Dec 2nd. I’ll add a pic so you scan see what I have. The way the current intake works is by continually stacking cones, holding the stack as it goes. The mobile goal intake is on the back. Please, I need help.

That was the very first idea that my team had for an intake, we were very disappointed when we reread sg9 and found it to be illegal, if you don’t have much time I would recommend adding a single cone claw and just stack externally. Or maybe a chain bar if you have more time, how does your mogo intake work?

Here some pics:

I can do chainbar but I’ll have to use the time set aside for auton.

I’d try a chain bar to internal stack

That’s the best thing I can do now. Good news, I might just stay up all night and add two more mobile goal intakes.

Pulling an all nighter right before a competition is a part of the experience :stuck_out_tongue:

A time-honored tradition

Thank you for your support

Update: I’ve created a new lift.

What is it?

Very true

A four bar chain bar combo. I’m going to change it tomorrow, will keep updated

I am now just using chainbar. I didn’t have enough chain to originally,or time to order it, but a friend came though. Any tips?

make sure that you have more than enough clearance on all rotating parts, the last thing you want is for a cone to get caught on a joint because it swung a bit to much.

Don’t worry, it’s already done and functional. There’s at least an inch of clearance per side between the bottom edge of the cone and the chain. Only problem is now I’m oversized. Small problem since I just need to put a hinge on the mogo lift. Any advice as how to get the cone to be placed consistently on the mogo?

I’m looking at OSIZIR for help, but how do they get the cones to consistently land on the stack, even as the arc carries the claw away?

How do you have the claw mounted? Pics?

It got answered already and the picture is in the first post.

Is this what you want?