I need some guidance on V5 code

I still don’t know how to use inertial sensors to control the robot’s forward and rotation.
Can someone please guide me??
by the way, I use C++

I would recommend using the in-built motor encoders. Based on what I’m looking at in the API, the inertial sensor is best for returning values for angles.



Can you elaborate more? I have just been in contact with V5 not long ago, and I don’t even know about motor encoders


people use them for tracker wheels and the such
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Does this apply to V5code pro

Is it useful? Currently I only have one inertial sensor

You can also use the built in motor encoders. For example, I can write the code:

Motor1.spinFor(5, turns, 100, velocityUnits::pct);

This utilizes the motor encoders already inside of the V5 motors, something that is nice compared to the old 393 motors(unless you use shaft encoders).

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The tracker wheels with Shaft Encoders are mostly important for really advanced programming techniques like Odometry. The internal motor encoder are most likely the most useful.


The inertial sensor can only know rotation and acceleration. I wouldn’t suggest using the internal motor encoders, as they can skip and slide. One problem I’ve encountered with the inertial sensor is that it’s off by about 1.4% consistently. To fix that, you should implement a correction function. If you want to track forward motion, I would recommend getting either the optical shaft encoder or a rotation sensor.

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