I need some reference code

Hello everyone, I just got in touch with VEX robots, and now I have a robot with a ‘change up’ theme. The chassis of the robot has 4 motors, but I don’t know how to write programs using VEXcode Pro. Can anyone send me a copy of the competition code for me to learn, thank you

There is a competition code template already in VEXcode Pro V5.
Go to File, open examples, then scroll till you find competition template blank.


You will also find examples for a 4 motor drivetrain too so with a combination of these and the other examples and tutorials integrated within the software, you should be able to find everything you need.

Once you have the basics of your code, if you need any help with specific aspects of it, post your whole code and state which part you need help with.
Don’t forget to use the code tags - just put three backticks ``` before and after your code in your forum post and it will look like this:

using namespace vex;

int main() {
  // Initializing Robot Configuration. DO NOT REMOVE!


thank you…