I need teammates! Join or invite people here!

If you don’t care about my backstory, find the text “*** SKIP HERE! ***” and start reading there. Hi! I’m antichamber, also known as Drew, and I started team 80110H. Last year was my first year in vex, and it was a spur of the moment decision, I discovered the competition in November, and had started building my robot in December. I go to an extremely small private school for children with learning disabilities, with a total of around 60 students. Needless to say, my team sucked, and one of my teammates had a meltdown at the state tournament (which by the way, was our second tournament). Even so, we managed to make it to quarter finals at states. But this year, I’ve moved my team away from my school, and am now open to let anyone join my team.
Here’s what you should check before applying:
1: Check if you or your invitee are in Colorado
2: Check if you or your invitee are in Denver
3: Check if you or your invitee are near to, or are willing to drive to ZIP code 80111
4: Check if you or your invitee are in high school

If you or your invitee confirm to all of the above checks, PM me for details on joining! Hope to chat with possible teammates soon!

Hope you find some good people.

If you find a girl or two, you could apply for the Girl Powered grant. This will be a totally new team since you are not at the school any more.

nope! good luck though! I think you guys will do good, btw I watch your yt videos, they’re very helpfull. :slight_smile: