I Need to Compress a Very Large GIF File

I know this is unrelated to VEX, see the chit chat category.

I have a 550mb gif file that I need to compress to under 200mb in order to upload it onto imgur. The only issue is that I can’t find any tool that will let me compress a file that large, or a website that will let me host a file that large for free.

Does anyone know a way to do that?

Hmmm… what os are you using…? I may have a solution.


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cropping is always an option lmao

If you have an mp4 version you could try remaking the gif with fewer frames

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If I didn’t mention, it needs to keep its transparency.

Also, the gif is exactly 60 seconds with 3000 frames. I squeezed it into as few frames as possible. The cropping the image or the number of frames wouldn’t work, and neither would converting it to a transparency-less file format.

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google drive?

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That doesn’t work so great for embedding without huge links

Gotcha. Instead if cheating the 20 char limit, I have an unrelated comment. There should be a feature similar to the :heart: that means “understood” so people don’t have to post tiny posts like this one would have been.

why don’t you just… shorten the link

i’m sure someone else has the bee movie as a gif on vtow

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