I need to download an old version of vexcode

I need to download the old version of vexcode (v2.2.0) as one of my teams most important codes is on there and we arent able to change it at this time, we have it installed on the computers at school but only one of the computers actually downloads stuff, the problem is is that theres 4 iq teams at my school, and ONE computer, that EVERYONE NEEDS TO USE, im never able to get any work done! I tried to download it but i cant seem to find it anywhere and the vex site keeps taking me round in circles and wont show it to me anywhere. Am i just dumb? Is it somewhere really obvious that im missing? Help please

Try way back machine, just don’t get a virus

Cope L+ratio lol Xd got em

Reminds me of this thread from last week. Downgrade Firmware Version?