I need to know how to program the vex robot

:confused: i am super new and just bulding the “squarebot” and i dont think that the vex site gave me the right parts for the binder, i have a programing kit and i dont have the programing section of the binder please help i dont know how to program my robot!!

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:cool: don’t worry the vex programming section of the book has no programming pages yet beacause the programming pages come separately with the programming kit
oh and the robot is already preprogrammed so all u have to do is plug in the parts and set the transmitter then thats it

Ok thank you, but i got the programing kit and it did not come with it is there any way that someone could copy it and send it to me?? my e-mail is [email protected]:confused: :confused:

if u go to vexlabs.com and click on the programming cable the document is there but i gave u a shortcut http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-robotics-programming-kit.shtml

It is possible that you have the newer EasyC 2.x, and that some how you don’t have a manual. You might contact VexLabs and find out…

In the Mean Time, you can download the Manual…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank You!

The information on this page was very helpfull for me. i know it might not be very helpfull for someone else but good enough.

now i am — not :confused:

The best information for the Programing Kit is in the help section.

Install and start up easy C, then select F1.

I have not found anything more complete.