I Need Your Help


Way to Help: https://www.youcaring.com/robotics-547846

Who I am?
Hello, my name is Louis and I am currency participating in Vex Robotics. This is our robot that our team has designed by working in class and hours outside of school.

What Are Team Has Accomplished
From the past year and this year, our teams have been very successful and were awarded:
5x Tournament Champions
3x Tournament Finalists
2x Excellence Awards
1x Build Award

This year, our team 7998C, has had a very great season with a record of 12-1. Due to these achievements, we received an invitation to the CREATE U.S. Open Middle School Division, which our team will be attending April 7th-9th in Council Bluff, Iowa.

Reason of Funding
After this year of season of Vex Robotics, I will be in 10th grade. Sadly, I cannot attend the class due to credits I did upon graduation. The only way I can do Vex Robotics next season is by personal funding and payments for robotics parts and accessories, without the school’s assistance. Robotics has been an amazing experience for me and I would like to continue in something I very much have a passion in.

Cost of Donation
I very much dislike asking people to fund me but any donation would make me happy, considering I know that person wants me to continue in what I do. You don’t have to donate but doing so would help very much :slight_smile: Thank you for time.

I am sorry for posting this but I don’t know what else to do at this point. If you have any suggestions or know others ways to help, that would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you

Why not?


*I want you to lift me

*To get the 50 points
To amaze
To get Money…?

so that we can win worlds together amirite?

“After this year of season of Vex Robotics, I will be in 10th grade.”
So you were in 9th grade on a Middle School Team? What is the nature of the school you attend? Do they have High School Teams? If not, maybe approach them about starting one or more. We do all of our competitive VRC as an extra-curricular. Our six teams meet after-school and occasionally on Saturday mornings (when not at a competition). It is easier to get corporate sponsors as a school than as an individual. We will be in the High School Division at the US Open. Feel free to come talk to me.
Teams 536A, 536C. 536D, 536E

The High School I will be attending next year only works during the class period. I just wish a little more dedication would be put in from the students and staff… Ill be happy to say hi to you at Us Open :slight_smile: