i neeeeed your help urgently

i need ur help to build this robot , i need instruction to build it
i have all pieces



It looks fairly simply to reverse engineer. I would start with the 10x2’s on the sides and the 12x4 base plate… after that everything falls into place. I also have the Hexbug brains as well (my motors wires are hacked to work with my Raspberry Pi for bigger projects tho).

Here’s some pics of the tank i’m working on. I built the base in a way that I can put anything on top, hide all motors, batteries and brains inside (my RPi and its battery packs fit inside too). I’ll have my first full tank ready in about a week when I finish getting the Logitech joystick to drive the motors in arcade mode vs dual sticks using the RPi.




Wow !!! where i can read about creation of the robots ? like this ?

I was a little bored… built a mini-tank similar to the one at the top of the thread. This is a little smaller tho. :slight_smile: