I set up autonomous on the competition template and it won't run

I finally do not have errors on the autonomous for the competition template. It directed me to push play and it did not run. Do I have to have the competition switch hooked up to the tether cable for it to run? How do I choose the file on game day?

@staceyJ Once you have gotten the autonomous ready there are two ways to make it work. 1. If you have V5 you can use the controller and select Programs -> (the name of your program) -> timed run and it should run autonomous and then driver. 2. You can plug in an autonomous switch hit run on the brain and it should work. As for choosing the file on game day if you can make multiple different files with autonomous and run one of them then plug into the tower or you can do it another way but for that, you would have to get creative :slight_smile: