I spent 9 straight hours working on my teams vex robot.

because the competition is in 8 days and wii had to scrap the whole arm.
But now its almost done;)Has anyone else spent that much time straight working
on your vex stuff?

Our teams Vex robot is at our school so we can only spend about three hours a day on it but one day we talked our teacher into letting the robotics team have a doy off so we could work on our robot during and after school. We ended up getting 4 1/2 hours in that day. I am thinking of going into Vex on my own and I assure you I will be spending many hours wlrking on my robot.

don’t you mean FRC?

I hope you lightweights aren’t going to let an old fossil like me beat you :slight_smile:

Without thinking hard I can remember more than once when I spent 12 hours straight on a Vex robot.


we actually had a similar situation where
we had to stay over at my house
until morning
working on the robot
cus we had to redesign the manipulator
thankfully, we kept our 1st stage manipulator intact

Our practices run for 7 hours, and occasionally if we run a bit over they can reach 9 hours. This is pretty typical for us.

The max I’ve probably spent on vex is somewhere around 4 hours, but I’m not on a team that uses vex so I haven’t ever really ever had the need to spend much more time than that. The Best team I’m on normally ends up having up to 12 hour work sessions when comp. gets close.

although i on my own havent probably spen more than 4-5 hours on VEX, the last 5 days for the FRC build season were held at my house, in my basement, so i couldn’t really stop working even if i wanted to:p

When i first got vex i spent more than 24 hours straight working on it.