I think I just discovered the new meta

So, take this bot: 32 pt Auton Team 62 - YouTube replace the double reverse six bar with a double reverse eight bar, and make it intake cones instead of skyrise pieces. Then, add two pieces of c-channel on a linear slide with wheels on and add the mechanism shown on the first image here to said c channel. I have already cadded exactly this and it has a theoretical cone capacity of 22 cones, which is pretty much the max that is stable, as shown here

I’ve thought about that and have done a few writings on it but I believe that an 8 bar wouldn’t be best here, I think a reverse double 4-6 bar lift would work better

YEEE… I’ve thought about this too… I think the best would be DR4B with the chainbar cone intake.

Why not a double reverse 8 bar? I designed a transmission that uses no pneumatics (differentials) and routes the power of four motors between the lift and drivetrain, both have two dedicated motors, and the drivetrain has a planetary gear set that reduces driving speed when only two motors are powering it

I don’t believe it would be as effective and I think it would be difficult preload wise

We’ll have to see

this dude is a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Like a dr8b would have so.much sway, like it would probably tip from turning

And the ammount of slop incured by that number of connections

Maybe a quadruple reverse four bar?

only way to stack 80

Because that is 100% necessary.

@antichamber I’d be the interested in seeing the schematics for that transmission