I Think I'm Having Transmitter Problems

I think I’m having transmitter prblems but I’m not sure. I’ll be controlling my robot and then about when it is 20 feet away I will have no control. Then when I move closer it will work again. Ihave the vex power pak and it was fully charged, so I know that that is not the problem. I was just wonderin what the range is for the transmitter? If you could check and see it would really help!

thats why you have the antenne, if you put the antenne all the way down you will only be able to move maybe 3 feet. it is the antenne’s range of signal and it is normal

I agree with gamer. I’ve noticed that the ant is fully lowered that you have about an arms reach but as you extend it through the telescoping that the range extends even more. And if your ant is fully extended then i would recomend posting this question in ask the experts section.

I remember the Va competition and so many people thought that the tethers were for their robots but they were for autonomous so unless the antenna is ou t all the way yiou should be fine sometimes I will lower the last sectio or two just because it seems too long and I dont drive it very far.

Well if the range is only 20 feet then i have an abnormal system. I had my system upstairs and i was on the opposie side of the house 1 story below and it still worked (through the floor and a wall).

You’ll get more range if the antenna on the transmitter(controller) and the antenna on the receiver are parallel. That means don’t point the antenna at your robot.

It’s me again, my antenna is all the way out and parallel to the robot’s but is still doesn’t go ver far. But all in all thanks for the help!

I am having a problem with it as well as its abnormility. What is happening is even on default settings, when i press the Trim adjust button for Ch. 2, on the Crystal Desplau, it shows it as changing for Ch.3, as well, when i press the Trim buttons for Ch.3, it shows on the Crystal desplay as changing for Ch.2:confused: Why is it doing this:confused: I thought i might have changed something, so i reset it so it went back to its default settings, but it stayed the same. Any Solutions?

Check your crystals, if you have two different ones, but the frequencies are close together and no other source on the right freq are present, it could be that it is able to recive the “wrong” signall because it is the only one present.