"I Want a New Autonomous for Christmas"

We thought that this pretty much sums up our VEX career:

Listen Here!

What else should I add to my Christmas list?

Honestly I’m quite impressed.

Thank you. Now every time i hear that song , it has a whole new meaning!

Wonderful job!

A version with the Lyrics for teams to sing along during driver meeting - seriously, I plan on playing this for our HS event - many thanks for the creativity and humor on this one!!!

Pigpen will be hearing this 11/10 at our tournament. I love the sing-a-long idea.

Two seasons ago our teams did a parody of “Happy” having to do with Vex Robotics but this is much better. I think I may have to call someone up to lead the sing-a-long. If she sees this, I think she will know who she is.

Now I am going to have to get the words typed out.


This is amazing

Ships in 8 weeks

I shared this with my team on our discord, long story short, I lost some permissions… :wink: But this is probably the best thing I have ever seen on the forum.

You spammed @everyone with this song. And pressed your luck by testing it multiple times. Cmon.

This is remarkably high quality.

I enjoyed this a lot.

“for now”

man the digs at B01 and V5 shipping were funny.

One time.

Sophia counted 4 times… hmm

This really does need a lyric video lol