I want a rule clarification

If I’m holding a mobile goal and I go on top of the balance do I get points for both my robot and the goal or just my robot?

I think both as long as you are balanced but don’t quote me on that

Would you please quote, from the game manual, the applicable rule that you want clarification? If you carefully read the rule, you’ll probably answer your question.


I looked through the manual and found it, the only reason I asked the question was because I didn’t want to look through the manual again.

I would recommend you get the VRC Hub and put it on your phone, then you’ll always have a game manual handy. Also, the “search function” will make it much easier for you to find stuff in the game manual.



Hey, +1 for honesty but there’s a faster way to do this than rely on the community to do your work. Open up the game manual in the browser as a PDF, then CTRL + F to open up a search box. That will allow you to easily find the rule you are looking for.


Do you know if there’s a way to do this on an iPhone?


But for searching the game manual specifically, you’re better off downloading the VRC Hub app:



I feel as if I should give myself justification for writing this question so I will. I’m the only member on my team who checks the rules so I have to check it for them. I’ve had to check the manual at least 50 times this year alone and I’m getting sick of being the only one who looks at the manual. I just wanted a break from the manual for once.


Download VEX hub from the App Store

That sounds like a problem with your team to resolve and not one to offload to vexforum. It might be frustrating, but something you need to discuss with the rest of your team.


To be clear, everyone on the team should read the rules, and, when it comes out, take the Driver Certification test. Without a common understanding of the rules it is difficult to build an effective robot or make a case to a referee when a penalty is called or not called.


They all know the rules they just have me clarify things because I’m the coder and I’m already on a computer.

Again, echoing @lacsap - this is a team dynamic issue; airing “dirty laundry” in a public forum isn’t appropriate. All teams go through disagreements, and addressing and resolving those disagreements is a valuable life skill. Talk to your team about the situation, perhaps starting with your coach.