I want code syntax highlighting on the forums

There are plugins to do this that are easy and quick to install - someone make it happen. I’m tired of reading code without formatting.

After a quick search, this one is my favorite (vB plugin here).

If you want syntax highlighting on the forums too, post something below. -Cody

Oh, that would be nice. I’d like to see it on here.

I’m just curious, how does that work with the different commands in RobotC versus other languages? Is it just going to highlight things like variable and conditionals, and leave things like “getJoystickAnalog” alone? Or will it catch all of that, no matter what compiler?

Yeah mostly keywords like int and void are highlighted, but with the amount of code that gets posted here we could sure use pretty highlighting.

I, too, would like to see syntax highlighting. I wonder if ROBOTC and easyC have a list of catch words/functions that are reserved (rather than a dynamic syntax highlighter). It could quickly get out of date, but as I don’t think a relationship between ROBOTC/easyC and VEX is about to end any time soon, it may not be too hard to maintain. Thought I’d throw in my two cents and support for this idea!

Code, that’s a great idea!
Anything in blocks should be highlighted.
I think it would be best to target RobotC users, because many people who post their EasyC code, attach it as a zip file. Also, more use RobotC than PROS (I think). But even if it would only highlight flow control (loops, switches, if’s), it would be a good start.

Here’s the syntax highlight file RobotC uses on their wiki - I’m sure it could be adapted for whatever highlighting extension that may be used for the forum. I asked the RobotC folks for it when I was building Bots ‘n’ Stuff.


We’re in the process of planning a forum upgrade. This will go on the list of things to investigate after that is completed. Hopefully we can roll it in.

Just out of curiosity is embed videos in that list?

Actually I think we all would be curious as to what is on the list of potential features. :smiley:

Seconded. By chance, is an improved search feature being considered? I can’t search for 3 character terms like IME right now, or search just topic titles. Both of those would be useful additions.

Awesome John.

If we’re talking about other improvements, I would love to see a reddit styled update/downvote system in place for the home page. Dono if that’s possible though.


Consideration of a StackExchange-style format would be cool:

  1. Reputation points are always fun :wink:
  2. Encourages questions/answers, not discussion (this could be a pro or a con, depending on the section of the forum–for the VRC Q&A, this is great; for strategy discussion this is terrible)
  3. Familiarity with StackExchange/StackOverflow will be invaluable for engineers at some point in their life… :slight_smile:
  4. Allows the community to take over some of the mundane parts of moderation

Perhaps a subdomain of VEX Forum, called VEX Q&A, could be a Stack Exchange-style site. All objective “questions” would be asked there, but discussions would be held on a forum.

It’s a possibility that is worth a thought… :wink: Probably a lot of work, though.

I only have two requests.

  1. Please keep the several years of old posts, there has been a lot of effort put into some of the old threads.

  2. Please keep everything compact, some of the newer versions of vBulletin seem rather verbose in their layout. We had this problem a few years back on the Audiworld forums, they had been using a much older system called Kawf and switched to vBulletin. Many users left and formed a new forum called Quattroworld just to be able to keep using the old system. We don’t want that to happen here.

vB kind of sucks anyway, I used to run a few phpBB forums back in the day I got quite good at skinning them. Likewise there are a lot of redundancies, most of which can be removed with a skin that simply doesn’t include them which is what I usually did.

It would usually take me about a week to produce a good skin, it’s a lot of work but it was always worth it.

Regarding the StackExchance format, I suggested doing this in this post a while ago. I second this wholeheartedly.

So yeah, the Q&A and technical discussion becomes a StackExchange.
The forums become a reddit-like upvote place (sort of).
And (in the long run) RobotEvents becomes a social team area, kind of like a team feed. Like Facebook used to be basically but much more simple.


Oh YES! If a forum upgrade means losing (or making more difficult to access) old content, then it’s going to be very disappointing. jpearman’s content in some of these threads is on my “to read” list for when I’ve gotten some computer engineering college courses under my belt–there’s a lot of good stuff on here. :slight_smile:

Glad to know I am not the only one who goes back through Jpearmans posts when I have spare time. Even if the specific problem/ fix doesn’t apply to me. :smiley: