i want the sprocket and chain kit

hey ppl, i was just wondering if anyone here wants to sell their kits to me for a lower price than normal price
i need 6 of the 48 tooth gear piece in the kit and 3-4 of the chains…if anyone is willing to sell them to me for a negotiable price, please reply or send me a private msg in this forum!
thx again

-this is for my Tomahawk project!!!

dude, go to ebay.

either that or just pay 30$ and get every peice again, no problem with that.

problem is…i only have 40 bucks w/ me and I need about 144 inches of chain, 6 48 tooth sprockets, and a few 12 tooth sprockets!

144in of chain? Do you really need that much for the tomahawk?

there isn’t a 12 tooth sprocket

i meant, the smallest size one

well…not really 144in but I will need at least 72inches!

thats like half lol

its really better to go with the gears rather than chain and sprocket b/c the VEX ones break so much.

For the tomohawk you really have to use chains and I think you need to be more specific as to what you need as far as gear size and chain lenght are you going to try and improve the tomohawk?

I am not really going to improve it yet
first I will build it then, after understanding the mechanisms behind it, I will build another, better one!

I need
6 of the 48-tooth sprockets
2 of the 40-tooth sprockets
4 of the 24-tooth sprockets
4 of the 15-tooth sprockets

plus 2-3 preassembles chains!
thats about 96-144 inches (just in case)

if anyone could get this, then I would most appreciate it! (I will pay)