I want to high hang myself

My team have started to FINALLY build a claw. the claw will have a 6 motor 1-5 torque ratio for lifting the claw. My question is if I put a hook on the end, could I high hang


We can hang using 6 motors on a 1:3.125 gear ratio. You shouldn’t have any issues with a 1:5.

Same. You should be fine.

well in that case i might have to do that ratio, it’ll be able to score faster so i think i’ll do 1:3.125. also I just did the math and it would have been a 1-7.

We can hang just fine with a 1:5 with 6 motors as others have already said so you should be fine :slight_smile:
When we try to do it with rubber bands on our lift it gives us fits when trying to stay in place though so we did have to make a passive rubber band release but that wasn’t too hard.

How?? I’ve been trying to do just this but getting nowhere.

It’s not that hard to make a passive release. You could angle the rubber bands in a way so that they slip off when the lift reaches back far enough.

Knowing myself I would just reach too far in a match and they’ll slip off, but i think i could figure something out

Thats what we did. You shouldn’t have to worry about them slipping off beforehand because the only time you should be lifting close to that position is when your by the fence, which should prevent the lift from going all the way back.

If you have a pneumatic claw a pneumatic release is a way to guarntee the bands will come off when you need them to

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What are you talking about, this thread title gets me through the day.