I want to test my CAD design with program

I recently created a design using the Protobot Beta 1.3 design software and was wondering how to test it out. I have my program created and my design made. Is there any way for me to test my design with my program without physically building the robot?

Also, if there is a way, could you please state the software I would be able to use?

So if you want to test you robot virtually, in my experience I have never seen anyone being able to test their robot online. I tried finding software to do that and it’s a really complicated software and only people who know what they are doing can solve this issue. Maybe someone from vex can answer your question.


I can’t confirm 100% but I don’t think this is possible. Protobot is not a Vex supported program so I don’t believe there is a way to connect it with VEXcode VR.

What are you looking to test? If you are looking to do Finite Element Analysis on parts of your robot, you could model it in Fusion, Inventor, or Solidworks and that would be helpful, but beyond that, I don’t think you can simulate the robot playing a game or anything.

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You can’t export as anything but protobot files so you can’t really use cads from that progr anywhere else

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While I personally have never done this, I know some teams will use Roblox to create a virtual robot and environment to test in. You will need to know LUA and how to design in Roblox for this, however.

Its a lot easier and better to build the robot and test it. Or at least just your drive base to get your movements and angles right.

I think Autodesk made a program named Autodesk Synthesis. You can upload the field and your robot. You can define discs and goals etc. on the field, furthermore the joints and some more details on the robot. I actually couldn’t spend time with it because I use mac and it needs windows to run, but still, I think that it would be effective enough. You can see more details here: Features | Synthesis