I was wondering about Keywords

The Vex Code section, and I assume the CAD file section, allow the addition of free-form Keywords, which can be used for Filtering.

Can Keywords be added to the General Forum Messages??

In the Thread Forum Reference Wiki Page, it looks as if a way to Aggregate the Information would be very helpful, and potentially the Keywords, especially if they were not Freeform but Attributes or Categories from a User Selectable List that could assist in identifying where the Message would be placed, based on its relevancy.

Good idea!

In the mean time, perhaps we could just start adding hash tags to our posts!

#featurerequest #vexforum #search

Sure, we can manually add Hash Tags, but there are Two Issues…

  1. The are Voluntarily Added… Posters are not Required to Add Them, so only Volunteers that Care will post them. If your in a Hurry, you might forget to add them too…

  2. They are Free Form, so how do we Equate, #vexforum, #Vexforum, #VexForum #Vex#Forum , #VEXFORUM and #Vex #Forum???