I2C Daisy Chains Setup?

I am in the wiring stage of setting up our IMEs, but I have encountered a dilemma. I have two motors that I am setting up with IMEs, but there is only one I2C port on the cortex. The sensor setup mentions Daisy Chains. How do I set up these daisy chains?

(Sorry if this has already been answered, I didn’t find any other forum pages that explained this so I thought I would ask)

On the IME, you should see two connectors. Basically, plug the one I2C port from the cortex to one IME, and from the same IME, plug it in to the other using 4 pin cables, and you can keep going.

You will notice the IMEs have two sets of pins, one male and one female. They are right next to each other.

Your connect your first motor to the i2c port on the cortex, then you connect your second motor to the second set of pins on the first motor.

An old blog post on the ROBOTC web site.