I2C in RobotC IDE

Hi, I’d like to know if there are functions to use the I2C protocol with the cortex in RobotC 4.5.2 or if there is a way to use the I2C besides the integrated encoders.

Yes, I added that to V4.52. See the sample program in “User I2C Messaging” (in the VEX2 samples folder ) that communicates with a port expander. This is advanced stuff, only legal for VexU (or non-competition) use.

Thanks for the info, just one extra question does the configuration of the cortex have internal pull-up resistors (and out of curiousity what value) for sda and scl ?

That’s a question for VEX support really, I would use pull-ups at the I2C device anyway. The IMEs use 15k pullups, I would probably go for something a bit stronger. What are you planning to use and what’s the application?