I2C on Cortex

I have searched the forum to find the latest on using I2C sensors/devices on Vex Cortex. We like the encoders but would like to do more.

We have been waiting patiently for some time after being promised I2C sensor support “in the near future” but there doesn’t appear to be anything new on this front.

We want to use Vex Cortex on our Robocup Junior Soccer robots and need I2C for compass and IR sensor interfacing. Currently use NXT and experimenting with Arduino.

Programming is mainly in RobotC. Not really interested in bit banging

Should we give up on Vex and focus on Arduino?

Unfortunately there is no native support for an I2C compass or IR sensor with VEX at this time.

We intend to launch additional smart sensors as part of the VEX product line, but the development of the VEX IQ product line has delayed this launch.

Thanks John. Not what I was hoping to hear. This effectively excludes the Vex platform from many of our activities and competitions. We bought our class set of Cortex just after release and the promise of I2C availability “soon” has been consistent over the whole time.

As a remote user (Australia) we have become very adept at self support and we have gotten good use out of our Vex systems and interface a wide range of 3rd party and custom sensors.

There are, however, several competitive platforms that will provide the functionality that we need and we will need to move in that direction for our next class set.

We currently use NXT, Vex Pic, Vex Cortex, PICaxe and Arduino so there are a lot of options.